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Quick Links to Free Internet Resources
Security & Cleaning Deposits -  We have received a number of inquiries about security and cleaning deposits. 

CA Civil Code section 1950.5 governs such deposits - click here to see Civil Code 1950.5

San Francisco Rent Board    Berkeley Rent Board

CA Dept. of Consumer Affairs Handbook on Rental Issues for Landlords and Tenants

    Rental Housing & Repairs:  Who's Responsible For What & How To Get Repairs Made
    Landlords' & Tenants' Responsibilities for Habitability & Repairs - An Outline
    How Often Can Rent Be Raised
    How To Get Back Possessions You Have Left In A Rental Unit
    What To Do When A Tenant Leaves Possessions Behind
    Security Deposits

Free Landlord/Tenant Info from Nolo Press

Landlord & Owners Organization Pages

Tenant Rights Organizations & Links in CA       

Landlord & Tenants information site

Eviction Notices in CA Rental Cases- 

List of State Rental Laws

Rights of Tenant Privacy & Landlord Entry -

Landlord/Tenant Laws of the States and other countries (a real estate association web site)
Know your rental rights information page  (Ohio law site, good general site)
Landlord - Tenant Law of the different states from
California Mobile Homeowner's Association - Mobile Home Rental Law
Legal Forms

Judicial Council Forms - click here Homepage

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